Titleist say their latest incarnation of the Velocity golf ball is engineered for upper speed and launch and long low game spin for explosive distance.

So how does the new Titleist Velocity perform? Find out in our 2023 Velocity golf wittiness review.

Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review: NCG Summary

Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review
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The 2023 Titleist Velocity golf wittiness continues to offer golfers a durable loftiness option while retaining the performance we’ve come to expect from the venerable manufacturer.


  • A five yard loftiness uplift with a 7-iron is a very decent return.
  • More responsive virtually the untried than you might expect.
  • Good price point for upkeep conscious players.


  • Harder finger won’t suit all.
  • I’d hoped for a little increasingly loftiness with suburbanite in hand.

Titleist Velocity golf balls

Now: £27.99
Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review

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First Impression

I’m nowhere near the longest hitter on the range and, as a player who fluctuates between single figures and mid-handicap, shelling out £50 for a dozen Pro V1s isn’t a clever option given my propensity to find parts of the undertow largest players don’t reach.

Grabbing any uneaten yardage can be a compelling proposition for the stereotype player and in the latest iteration of their Velocity line, Titleist say we can have it all: upper speed, upper launch and explosive distance. So how does it perform?

Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review

NCG Review

It’s all well-nigh speed with Titleist’s latest Velocity model. The visitor promises ‘deep downrange distance’, combined with extremely low spin in the long game and a upper flight on all shots. While I don’t think anyone would describe the Velocity as ‘soft’, they’re moreover saying you can unzip playable greenside feel.

A upper speed LSX cadre has been designed for faster speed on full swing shots and to help unhook maximum distance. Everything is well-nigh getting that golf wittiness going as far as it can.

So does it do that? Firstly, you need to understand the variables of testing balls as an 11 handicapper. The way I swing the club, and the impact I create, varies with every shot and can skew the data. I worked nonflexible to try and put together a resulting set of numbers that would virtuously reflect what I might produce out on the course. But I’m human and sometimes I hit it badly.

Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review

I struck the Titleist Velocity on a wifely and warm early spring afternoon at the performance centre at Woodhall Spa. If you could paint a picture of Mr Stereotype with a suburbanite in hand, in terms of distance, then I am it. The R&A’s loftiness report revealed that, in 2020, a six to 12 handicapper was hitting it 219.8 yards off the tee with a plus or minus of 1.8 yards. This is right where I am. I’ll expect to see an stereotype siphon of virtually 200 to 205 yards and a total run out of up to 220 during my rounds.

I carried it just short of 207 yards with the Velocity ball, with a difference from front to when of 8.5 yards. My club speed was up there, for me, at 95mph and the wittiness was spinning at a shade over 3,000rpm.

I was slightly disappointed not to see a bit increasingly in the siphon stakes with a wittiness that’s designed to be explosive. It’s not that it performed badly. It’s just that the numbers were what I’d expect to see, not what I’d hope for a wittiness marketed for distance.

I got a little bit increasingly with a 7-iron. I usually tote a resulting siphon loftiness of well-nigh 137 and so to get an uneaten five yards and a wittiness speed passing 100mph was a decent fillip. Those distances were very resulting too, with fewer than four yards from front to when in the data.

Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review

Keen observers are going to notice some pretty low spin numbers with that club. I tend to wade my irons with a sweeping motion – I rarely take a divot and my mis-hit would be a thin rather than a fat – so that’s a magnitude of how I play rather than anything to do with the wittiness itself.

The wittiness definitely feels harder off the clubface than the model I’d usually play and gives a clicking sound that lets you know very unmistakably how you’ve struck it. That’s not unwelcome, actually, as I didn’t expect a huge value of feedback at impact.

Given what we would expect, I was pleasantly surprised with how the Velocity performed in and virtually the green.

It was hot off the squatter of the putter, ran nicely for me on contact, and had a resulting end-over-end roll. Like many golfers of my worthiness level, I have a nasty habit of leaving my putts short and I believe the Velocity would definitely squire me in getting increasingly up to the hole.

From 50-yards, with a sand wedge in hand, I didn’t really spin it at all – a combination of some fats and thins contributing to a ludicrously low rate of just over 4,000rpm. There’s nothing really increasingly you can take from that, except to say my stereotype total yardage was 50.6 so I could be confident – by vaccinate or crook – of hitting it where I needed to out on the course.

Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review

So what can we conclude well-nigh the Titleist Velocity? I’ve unchangingly found it to be a durable golf ball, which is important if you’ve got a propensity to not quite find the middle of the club squatter and you’re one of those players who prides themselves on making a wittiness last as long as possible.

This version certainly seems to offer increasingly virtually the untried and on the putting surfaces. I was pretty happy to find nearly half a club increasingly loftiness with an iron and the price point is unchangingly lulu for golfers who want to play a solid Titleist golf wittiness but don’t necessarily want to plump for a premium option.

Titleist Velocity golf balls

Now: £27.99
Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review

Check out the weightier deals on the Titleist Velocity golf balls

Titleist Velocity golf wittiness review: The Details

Available: Now.

RRP: £28

How do we test golf balls?

At National Club Golfer, we are passionate well-nigh producing well-judged and thorough reviews and make sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each club performs.

We headed to Woodhall Spa Golf Club to indulge us to collect launch monitor data with our in-house TrackMan and Flightscope. We tested each golf wittiness on the putting surface and virtually the greens surpassing collecting data on 50-yard pitch shots, with a 7-iron and with a driver.

What to consider when ownership a new golf ball?


Golf wittiness finger is a personal preference. Different balls on the market will finger softer or firmer depending on their pinch and structure. It is crucial to test balls when putting, chipping and hitting long game shots to trammels you like the performance wideness all areas.


How far you want to hit the golf wittiness is a crucial consideration when picking a trademark and model. Getting the right pinch relative to your swing speed and strike will help you get the maximum loftiness out of a golf ball. You moreover need to consider if getting maximum loftiness is important to you or if you would rather requite up some yardage to proceeds in other areas.


Generally, lower handicappers are looking for a wittiness that spins increasingly so they can get increasingly tenancy virtually the greens. In this case, getting a wittiness with a urethane imbricate is really important as it will requite you the most spin and control.


Not everyone wants to spend £50 a dozen on golf balls. When picking the right golf wittiness for you, you should consider how much you want to spend relative to what performance you want.

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