Patrick Cantlay has shouldered heavy criticism from all angles well-nigh his slow play in the final round of the Masters – but the eight-time PGA Tour winner can’t possibly have expected this.

At a similar time as he was facing the media superiority of the Heritage and hitting when at his critics, where he personal he as waiting on every shot during the final round at Augusta, European Tour and Ryder Cup legend Colin Montgomerie was posting on Instagram taking aim at the American.

The post by Montgomerie – who has never been shy to express his concerns with slow play in general, and has chatted to NCG at length well-nigh it surpassing – moreover teased his friend and rival Bernhard Langer.

Colin Montgomerie

The Scotsman posted a picture of himself with a tortoise on his Instagram story with a caption that read: “Found a quicker partner for Langer and Cantlay.”

His wide smile says it all.

Golf fans can tint their minds when to the Senior PGA Championships of 2014 and 2016 when Montgomerie was paired with Langer.

He showed visible exasperation on a number of occasions during both tournaments as he waited for the German to well-constructed his pre-shot routines.

A similar level of exasperation was shown by Viktor Hovland towards Cantlay at Augusta National, as the Norwegian was often seen walking superiority and playing shots when his playing partner was nowhere to be seen.

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