Cobra are when with an updated Cobra King range. It includes blades, incision backs, a driving iron and a players’ hybrid.

Cobra King Irons

All three Cobra King irons are made from 1025 stat steel and undergo Cobra’s 5-step forging process to unhook a soft feel. The uneaten stage in the forging process creates increasingly precise shaping, increasingly precise and flatter clubfaces, tighter weight tolerances, improved consistency of loft and lies, improved squatter thickness consistency, improved aesthetics, and significantly enhanced finger at impact.

MB Irons

The MB irons are pure blades with the most meaty shape in the Cobra King line-up. These are built with largest golf in mind. They have a thin top-line, minimal offset, shorter stipule lengths and a thinner sole for largest tenancy and turf interaction. All this makes them unconfined for shot-shaping and precise iron play.

Cobra King MB irons

CB Irons

These have a increasingly forgiving incision when shape than we see in the MBs. In particular, it has slightly increasingly offset.

Tour Irons

These unhook a soft finger and workability but with widow loftiness and forgiveness.

Cobra King Tour Irons

There are CNC undercuts in each iron’s when cavity, which repositions weight from the upper centre to the low centre. This improves launch conditions and gives you increasingly forgiveness on off-centre hits. The location of this varies wideness each iron loft to get the weightier launch conditions for each.

This undercut is filled with a soft TPU material which is covered with an aluminium co-moulded medallion. Both of these dampen vibrations to modernize sound and feel.

Cobra King Tec Utility Irons

This is a classic, muscle-back style iron, but they have a metal wood style construction to unhook increasingly speed and distance.

The utility features the Pwrshell squatter insert and H.O.T squatter technology that we see in the Aerojet drivers. Optimised thicknesses wideness the club squatter increase wittiness speed and produce increasingly efficient spin wideness a larger zone of the club face.

The club throne moreover features lattermost tungsten weighting to lower the CG for improved launch and spin rates off the tee and from the fairway or rough.

To modernize sound and feel, the hollow club throne is injected with Expancel Microsphere Foam to swizzle vibrations and tune sound and feel.

These are misogynist in both variable and one-length options.

Cobra King Tec Hybrid

This hybrid is designed to be a premium offering to complement the rest of the King iron range.

It has a new ST-118 squatter material and features the same H.O.T squatter technology as the utility irons to increase wittiness speed and get increasingly resulting spin.

It has a stat crown which allows increasingly weight to be repositioned low to modernize both launch and forgiveness.

There is moreover an willowy weight system on the sole. The two 12g heavy weights can be positioned in the when or heel for a draw-biased flight, when or toe for a fade-biased flight, and front heel or toe areas of the club throne to encourage neutral and controlled flight.

Cobra King Tec Hybrid

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