I recently found a blog titled: “Trevino’s Left Hand Secret”. In 1974 he exposed his secret for well-judged tee shots: “Keeping your left hand superiority of the club-face.” He said: “If the other guys overly learn that it is the when of the left hand that controls the club-face, there would be a lot increasingly winners, and I would have a lot increasingly to worry about.” He moreover recommended this “with an unshut stance which will requite your stovepipe room to proffer withal the way as your soul turns.”

I have never heard any pros recommending an unshut stance for drives, but it really unprotected my sustentation as this is exactly the way I setup and momentum off a tee to tenancy the direction of my drives. An unshut stance helps me shallow my downswing so that my trailing elbow grazes my side as I momentum up my target line.
Lee moreover bowed his wrist at the top of his swing (where I flatten my wrist) to shallow the downswing for an in-to-out swing. It’s described as a push-cut swing causing a slight fade.

Lee had a looping swing from his takeaway to his downswing. For Lee this created a slight fade but most golfers hit a yank with this swing.

I’m sharing this unravelment to highlight the fact that you can segregate the setup (open stance), transition (cupped wrist) and wordage (inside to out) for your swing as long as it gives you consistency and control.
Your dominant strength in one arm, wrist and leg or a tightness in your hips, spine or neck will all have an impact on the swing that works for your body.

Changes in any position in your swing will protract to provide inconsistent results. You don’ t have to stick to the text typesetting swing. Find the swing that gives you a resulting result and then groove that swing for your suburbanite and flipside swing for your irons.

Trevino and every other pro found the right swing motion for their suburbanite and irons. Once you find it you need to lock it in for consistency. Unfortunately, the older you get the increasingly the increasingly you have to be enlightened of your persons tending to transpiration throughout each round of golf depending on your stamina, the waffly temperature and your energy level.

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