In this Compleat Golf player magazine series, PGA proficient Award HEPBURN shows a portion of the critical ideas in producing more power in your golf swing.

It is fascinating to perceive how various players produce power in their golf swings. Assuming we take the case of huge hitting Bryson DeChambeau, he has invested energy in the exercise center building himself up with the goal that his additional strength assists him with swinging quicker. However a player like our own Wilco Nienaber, who raises a ruckus around town to the extent that Bryson, while possibly not further, is presumably around 40kg lighter.

How does a player like Nienaber - or another genuine model being Charl Schwartzel - produce such a lot of clubhead speed? The key is the way he develops influence in his backswing and discharges it capably into the rear of the ball. I'll exhibit what I mean here.

Getting it right

Golf instruction: Doing the splits

In this grouping I'd like you to give close consideration to the points I make in my right arm and my wrists. From a strong set-up, note how I clear the club back. I then begin to overlay my right arm and pivot my wrists. This makes points that can be utilized to convey influence in the downswing, which converts into more speed when the club is delivered - and more speed approaches more distance.

In the downswing, note how my points are held to not long before influence, with my right elbow staying near my body on the way down, and my wrist is as yet pivoted.

Through the hitting zone, these points all unfurl so I can deliver the club into the rear of the ball with a lot of influence and power.

Getting it wrong

The key move all good golfers make (and you can practise it at home)

In this terrible swing grouping, it is clear there is an absence of influence made. Note how my right arm hasn't adequately collapsed and my wrists haven't pivoted sufficiently. Thus, I have no genuine points to work with on how down and the club is delivered too soon in light of the fact that there is no genuine wrist point to hide away power. I can't get any fair clubhead speed to produce genuine power and distance.

The drill

Three Drills to Improve Your Golf Performance

This is a truly straightforward, yet compelling, drill for getting a superior comprehension of how influence produces clubhead speed. Begin by flipping around your driver, as I have. Presently put your left hand on your right elbow, as I have done. I believe that you should swing the club, focusing on truly whipping it through the effect zone. At the point when you hit the nail on the head, you will hear a pleasant, fulfilling 'whoosh' sound.

The key this is to feel the way you need to overlay your right arm and pivot your wrists to develop influence. Then, similar to a squash player hitting into a ball, you discharge all that saved power through the effect zone. The quicker you whip the club, the better the sound.

- Hepburn has been a standard face in Compleat Golf player for over 10 years. His CV incorporates time training on the European and PGA Visits, and a noteworthy rundown of top beginners and experts. He is the Chief of Golf RSA and the South African Golf Advancement Board. Follow him on Twitter @granthepburn.