In the event that you've been around golf for any significant measure of time, you've probably heard the guidance to "hold your head down" or "keep your head still." When somebody begins battling to connect, there's consistently somebody close by to recommend they keep they center around the development of their head.

The guidance is good natured, and to the clueless, it checks out! A lot of development with your head implies that you're (hypothetically) taking your eyes off the ball. Also, it's difficult to hit something you're not effectively checking out.

Despite how good natured this guidance might be, however, it's really not exactly supportive. As a matter of fact, as indicated by GOLF Top 100 Instructor Jonathan Yarwood, the guidance is an enormous legend.

Why this common piece of swing advice is actually a huge myth

"When you keep your head still, your body quits turning," Yarwood says. "You get sort of excessively near the ball and your limits need to begin looking for the ball. You've really got more possibility beating the ball and hitting a terrible shot while keeping your head still than you have while truly allowing it to do what it should do."

With an iron, your head ought to marginally move off the ball (to one side) when you take it to the highest point of the backswing. Then, at that point, on the manner in which down, your head will drop down as you drive into the ground and afterward forward from where it was at the highest point of the swing. After influence, it will keep pushing ahead and afterward up as you follow the ball on its flight.

"Your head is moving a considerable amount with an iron shot," Yarwood says. "It's not remaining still. That permits me to move my body and keep my body streaming, which pulls the club and permits me to hit a respectable shot."

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The equivalent is valid with a driver, albeit the head development is marginally unique. By and by, your head will influence off the ball coming back and afterward somewhat down to start the downswing. Yet, as you close to affect, your head will really move somewhat in reverse to make a vertical approach.

"It certainly doesn't remain still," Yarwood says. "Allow your head to move around as it should … Don't keep it still. That is one more fantasy."

What is the science behind swings?

golf swing

Gravity then, at that point, pulls the swing back toward its underlying position, which the swing then overshoots. Yet again once the swing has swung outward the other way, gravity pulls it back under the bar. This relentless draw back toward the middle makes the swing.

How do I increase my club head swing?

Swing a lighter shaft since it is simpler to dump from the top and speed up.
Play a more drawn out golf shaft to expand the distance made a trip through and through.
Level the lead wrist point at the top to assist with expanding the capacity to turn through influence.

How do you keep your eyes on a golf ball?

The back left piece of the golf ball, or your right is the best spot to zero in on to envision an out-to-in swing way. Following this point assists you with getting the ball with an open face and give sidespin to execute a draw.