Golf News’ partner MASHIE Golf has just launched a new membership product that will certainly be lulu to golfers wideness the UK who are looking to play a wider range of courses and play increasingly competitive golf while giving them a taste of everything MASHIE GOLF offers.


The Links Membership was launched in late December 2023 and Membership Director, Ed Kennedy has been delighted with the response particularly as they have only just started to promote the product.


‘ We wanted a soft launch for The Links Membership as we knew it was going to be extremely popular given the no-go package we have been worldly-wise to pull together, but we were not quite prepared to come when to the office in January to over 100 applications!’


The new MASHIE Links Membership is currently only £300 for the year. It enables you to play at many Top 100 courses, typesetting preferential untried fee rates at 100 courses wideness the UK and Ireland via a defended concierge service, gives you £200 of event credits to play in events wideness the country, and provides you with £600 of four-ball untried fees at a range of clubs countrywide.

MASHIE GOLF is rhadamanthine increasingly popular with every season


Only a limited number of Links Memberships are misogynist so join today or contact MASHIE to find out more.