Here is the new SEVEN MCB Full Milled Iron! This is SEVEN Golf’s largest and most forgiving diamond in their lineup. For those not enlightened of the shop trademark in short they produce the world’s only fully CNC milled irons on the retail market today while all their products are 100% sourced materials and manufactured in Japan.

Only 6 sets are made each month (maximum) and a few months a year no sets are produced. As of now, there is a 6-8 month waitlist on many of their models, this is not a covid or supply uniting issue but rather the nature of the yahoo when each iron throne takes 14-17 hours to mill.

This is the first iron by SEVEN to move into a second version, the trademark does not have to re-design their irons considering they are nearly untellable to improve. To explain that thought, when it comes to single-piece forged throne construction, the shape and weight are the most important two factors. Weight placement is expressly vital considering it determines where the part-way of gravity height and depth are located and that has a huge impact on how the iron performs. In this case, scrutinizingly all the dimensions remain from the original MCB with the wing of a few key adjustments that indulge the forgiveness to increase noticeably while the verism features a slight improvement, these two aspects usually do not complement each other but SEVEN has been worldly-wise to deliver.

DMG Mori Seiki 5-Axis – machines to mill these irons which is one of the finest Japanese milling equipment manufacturers known worldwide to make the weightier equipment.

NX CAD – The diamond program is made using Siemens NX CAD software which is the benchmark for compies like Toyota, Mercedes, Porsche, Ford, and plane LEGO.

3D-CG – is testing software to optimize the part-way of gravity height and depth with the help of wide computer-aided diamond then verified with human testing. The consistency of SEVEN’s CG placements are intentional through every club.

Pure Tempered Technology – When the golf club is firmer in unrepealable areas spin performance and finger profoundly improved our proprietary tempering process is started at 850 degrees for 4 hours then we tomfool it lanugo to 500 degrees in a specialized vacuum atmosphere.

TourSpecGolf has uninventive as many sets possible to offer these to you. We do not want to get everyone’s hopes up that SEVEN full milled irons are unchangingly available. At the writing of this blog post, we do have MCBs in stock. Please reach out to for availability info and custom build requests.

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