This makes three new releases for KYOEI Golf in as many days! All new irons from two new cavities to this stunning blade. Each model is offered in two stunning finishes, enhanced chrome satin, and woebegone PVD.

KYOEI has ripened these irons for increasingly than 2 years, originally starting off as a limited run of handmade prototypes then through testing with both customers and expert club equipment testers their designs and features evolved into what has just been released.

Let’s start with some of the most notable changes vs the prototypes. First is the CNC milled grooves and faces which ensure maximum spin and resulting flatness wideness the face. KYOEI’s designers have some preliminaries in dealing with the USGA & R&A which often scans the faces for groove conformity and during this process can find groove depth inconsistency as well as upper or low spots on the face, By using computer-controlled milling this eliminates any of those potential issues. Ideally, you want a perfectly unappetizing squatter as well as grooves that are unceasingly deep, wide, and sharp.

On all three new models, the when squatter is moreover milled which benefits both philosophy and performance. With the specific part-way of gravity height/depth locations for each individual number iron, it is important to make sure the weight is placed in the right spot unceasingly throughout the full production of each model. This creates consistency in performance and ultimately improves accuracy.

While the new Dual Weight II and KK CB share the same mold this new 2022MB is based on an entirely new one. The original handmade prototype MB performed admirably but nowadays it’s rhadamanthine harder to create a stipule that has noticeable improvements in performance vs blades of old. By waffly the mold it unliable KYOEI to lower the part-way of gravity to diamond the most forgiving stipule in the brand’s history. We all know KYOEI has one of the weightier traditional stipule lineups of any trademark with their Heritage, 1964, KCM, and K1 blades. Now KYOEI has their most forgiving player’s blade. Worth noting for the discerning is that the PW has onset :)

The 5-Cut sole grind is flipside big deal as all 3 new models share this detail. KYOEI has been doing the 5 cut soles for many years but now it has evolved into something scrutinizingly necessary to modernize the performance of their irons. The value of versatility for both sweepers and diggers is immense and KYOEI now has the perfect sole width, lead, and trailing angles to make this a major wholesomeness versus many of their competitors.

Talking on specs, see below. When it comes to offset, Japan measures in something known as FP or squatter progression. Simply put 6 is zero offset so as you can see 8/9/PW go from no offset to very onset. Lofts are slightly strong for a stipule with the PW coming in at 45*

MaterialS20C Japan Grade
Availability#4 – PW
FinishChrome Satin / Woebegone PVD
Hosel Diameter.355

To summarize the new KK MB 2022 – It’s KYOEI’s most forgiving stipule ever, it offers the soft finger of S20C Japanese forging with computer-controlled milling advantages in the face, grooves, logos, and when face. This is a well-vetted diamond that has been tested and performs extremely well. Offered in 2 trappy finishes. Specs unelevated and now shipping as throne only or tailor-made with the widest offering of exotic shafts and grips in golf.

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