Introducing the Geotech Quelot Woebegone Driver. This suburbanite is one of the newer offerings from Geotech Golf, which is a subsidiary of DYNAMIC, one of the biggest suburbanite factories in the world. DYNAMIC is responsible for manufacturing metal woods for many of the top OEMs, which have won myriad victories including major victories.

The Quelot Woebegone Suburbanite is a prime example of the expertise that comes with stuff part of the DYNAMIC family. It is designed with the input of the factory’s lead engineers, which ways that it is packed with all of the latest technology and diamond innovations.

One of the most heady things well-nigh the Quelot Woebegone Suburbanite is its SP700 squatter which is widely known to be the weightier and most desirable squatter material in the industry. The reason why you do not hear well-nigh it is that SP700 is no longer produced. SP700 was a golf-specific titanium made by the Japanese visitor JFE. Once the material was discontinued DYNAMIC purchased all they could which translates to well-nigh 5-10 years worth. SP700 is an expensive material with very upper wittiness speeds and an wondrous finger at impact. squatter vs squatter material has some of the highest and fastest rebound attributes.

Another thing worth noting is that it is misogynist in either conforming or non-conforming. This ways that you can segregate the one that weightier fits how you play. If you are playing in USGA-sanctioned events you will want to stay yonder from the thinner and hotter non-conforming version.

The Quelot woebegone is misogynist in three variegated loft options: 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5 degrees. So, no matter what your swing speed or preferred trajectory, there is a Quelot Woebegone Suburbanite that likely fits the bill.

The Quelot Woebegone Suburbanite moreover features a square squatter wile and a throne volume of 460cc. This gives it a very forgiving and stable feel, making it easier for you to hit straight and long drives.

As far as unstipulated hitting notes. The Quelot woebegone is a beast. Everything from its wondrous finger off the squatter to the very upper wittiness speeds contributes to hitting bombs. It’s not the easiest to work but it’s long, forgiving, and straight. I shafted one with the new Mitsubishi Diamana GT50 in R flex, it’s an incredible shaft in 50R. I usually play 60 Stiff but without a range, sesh and a full round were worldly-wise to make swing adjustments that unliable me to hit some very powerful drives with it. In my wits longer, straighter, and increasingly forgiving than the king of this category the Ping 425.

We have customers who only seek SP700 faces and have been disappointed with the lack of availability in the market so their weightier option is to play Geotech drivers as the DYNAMIC factory has that 8-10 year supply.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on the Japanese diamond speciality of this driver. Geotech Golf is a Japanese company, and the Quelot Woebegone Suburbanite is designed with the same level of precision and sustentation to detail that is a hallmark of Japanese engineering. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, you’re sure to fathom the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the Quelot Woebegone Driver.



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