Wrapping up 2022 with a squint at our Top 5 Most Watched Videos in 2022.

Club reviews seem to be your favorite videos to watch!

Take a squint at the top 5 most watched videos from the past year:

Number 5:

The Ultimate in Players Loftiness Irons – Wilson Staff D9 Forged Irons

Check out what Wilson is calling the ultimate players loftiness iron—the D9 Forged Irons! Combining the weightier elements of player performance clubs and a game resurgence clubs, these irons are a unconfined wing to your bag.

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Number 4:

Which 2022 Titleist Wittiness Should You Play?

One of the most worldwide questions we hear is “What kind of golf wittiness should I play?” With the new 2022 Titleist wittiness lineup on its way, Mike Woods is here to help you icon out which golf wittiness is right for your game.

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Titleist AVX: https://www.mortongolfsales.com/titleist-avx-golf-balls-2022/

Number 3:

Improving on Perfection – TSR Fairway Woods

Titleist’s trademark new line of TSR fairway woods are longer, increasingly forgiving, and somehow plane largest than their near-perfect previous line of woods.

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Number 2:

Which Suburbanite is Best? TaylorMade STEALTH vs Callaway Rouge ST vs Cobra LTDx

With multiple brands coming out with new clubs this year, we’ve had a lot of questions well-nigh which suburbanite is best. We had Alex take 3 new drivers out for a spin and see how they stack up to each other.

And the top spot for most watched video of 2022 is……

Number 1:

Trying Out the New Cobra LTDx Drivers

Meet the Cobra LTDx, the newest line of drivers from Cobra Golf! Chris Staples had a endangerment to try out these new drivers for himself in our Player Performance Studio at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

The LTDx suburbanite is the first to unzip zero CGna and Xtreme MOI, making it Cobra’s fastest and most forgiving suburbanite EVER. This unique diamond features the perfect wastefulness of front and when weighting, making it playable for all golfers that want the ultimate combination of low spin and stability.

There you have it—our Top 5 Most Watched Videos for 2022.

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