The newest league for 35-and-under golfers starts April 23rd!

For those interested in playing in a league at Haggin Oaks, we’ve got good news for you! A new golfer’s league at Haggin Oaks has just begun. The first day for the league is April 23rd, 2023. Cost for the league is $26 walking and $38 riding.

The new league happens every Sunday afternoon with a starting time of 4 pm. Members will play on the Alister Mackenzie course for 18 holes. The membership is mainly individuals 35 and under. The league will be managed via the inline/app program Golf Genius.

There will be increasingly details well-nigh how long the league will compete.

You can join the league by emailing Rhys Miller,

A golf playgroup is a unconfined way to play with your friends and family, find new friends, and just have fun playing play golf.

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