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PRGR LS Fairway & Utility Woods

Introducing the new PRGR LS Fairway and Utility Woods!The key thing to mention right off the start is that these are platonic for players that have a suburbanite swing speed


Here is the new SEVEN MCB Full Milled Iron! This is SEVEN Golf’s largest and most forgiving diamond in their lineup. For those not enlightened of the shop

The New KYOEI KK Muscle Back!

This makes three new releases for KYOEI Golf in as many days! All new irons from two new cavities to this stunning blade. Each model is offered in


Introducing the all-new 2022 KYOEI KK CB! This is KYOEI’s new flagship forged incision when iron. KYOEI has just spoken a new Dual Weight II iron moreover offered

Control Your Tempo to Control Your Game

Easier said than done. How does your mind slow lanugo your backswing and execute the rhythm to add power to your swing? We have the platonic solution to blank-out uneaten

Golf Can be an Easy Game

Golf is a lot less frustrating if you learn this game backwards. Putting is the easiest part of this game so why not practice until you learn to 2 putt

Estimate Your Break and Sink More Putts

I was amazed to see how many long putts were made at the PNC Championships where a PGA Pro teamed up with a non-PGA family member. VJ Singh and his

Solution for the Worst Miss in Golf

We all have a love hate relationship with golf. When its good, we love it. When it’s bad, it can be very frustrating. Burning the side of a slum with